Pitch Madness


Pitch Madness is a contest held every March, where writers enter for a chance to win requests from the participating agents. Writers submit a 35-word (max) pitch and the first 250 words of their completed manuscript on submission day. Then a team of readers choose the top sixty (60) entries to go onto the agent round. Though Pitch Madness has a game theme, the next contest will transition to more of a critique based contest with agents simply requesting in the comments of the entries’ posts instead of having the agents play for requests. Also, hosts will coach our team members, helping them polish their entries and first pages. 

Specifics . . .

On February 24th at 12:01am Eastern time, there will be a post with a submission window in it. It will be on this blog, and you will fill it out with your 35-word pitch, your first 250 words, your age category, genre, twitter handle, email, and name. The submission window will be open until midnight and any entries received after that will be deleted.

For the first 250 words: It must be the first 250 of the manuscript, even if there’s a prologue. If the 250th word is in the middle of the sentence, finish the sentence. Please do not take license with this and turn what was once a normal sentence into one with multiple conjunctions, colons, semi-colons, multiple participial phrases, etc.

Slush readers will be reading for the first few days, and then team leaders will select their top ten picks. The winners will be announced on the individual team blogs on Monday, March 6th.

From March 6th to March 14th, teams will work with their ten winners to polish their pitch and 250 words.

The revised and polished submissions will be posted on team blogs for the agent round on March 16th.

Agents will have two days to search the team posts and make requests, but the comments will be turned to moderate. Comments will be released to view by March 18th.

Winners will have one week to submit all requested materials.

The submission window for 2017 Pitch Madness is February 24, 2017 and the agent round is March 16-17, 2017.  


Past Pitch Madness games …

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