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Pitch Wars Webinars Presents…

The Four T’s of Writing Classic Middle Grade

Writing Middle Grade literature is a privilege and a responsibility. It can also be extremely intimidating to try and follow in the steps of Kate DiCamillo or Katherine Applegate. But if you think you want to make the jump to writing for this age group, or aren’t sure whether you’re writing MG or YA, or maybe just want to be inspired again before you begin working on your next MG novel, then this class is for you. We will help you understand the four fundamental elements of great MG literature. Truth, Tenderness, Transformation, and Timelessness.

Come prepared to understand how MG literature works with developmental milestones, how to address tough topics for this age group, and secrets to writing the kind of book that begs to be reread long after childhood. The lecture portion of this class will last about 50 minutes, with 10-20 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

The Details . . .

Date: Thursday, August 3

Time: 9:00 pm ET

Cost: $20 to attend the workshop

Instructions: Register using the form below and upload your receipt.

Please note: There is a 50 person limit for the webinar

About Cindy Baldwin . . .

| Website 

Cindy Baldwin is a children’s book writer and poet. She has a weakness for really, really dark chocolate and the sort of books that make you want to stay up all night reading. Her debut middle grade novel, WHERE THE WATERMELONS GROW, will come out in the summer of 2018 from HarperCollins Children’s.

About Amanda Rawson Hill . . .

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Amanda Rawson Hill is a conversationalist, homeschooler, chemistry graduate, and Disneyland enthusiast. Her debut middle grade novel, THE THREE RULES OF EVERYDAY MAGIC, will be published by Boyds Mills Press in Fall 2018.

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About Pitch Wars Webinars…

The Pitch Wars webinar series was developed to help writers at every stage of their careers. Mentors and industry experts will host webinars focused on pitching, publishing, developing craft, and more.

Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents. The mentors work with their mentees for two months before an agent round. Learn more.

Author: Leigh Mar

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  1. I’d like to sign up but the donate button is not working.

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    • Hi Jan, glad to hear you would like to sign up! Perhaps try a different internet browser? It seems to be working in Safari and Chrome.

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    • Hi Jan, Wanted to check back in on you–were you able to click on the button?

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  2. Hello! I signed up yesterday and I’m looking forward to this webinar! However, I did not receive a confirmation email. Was I supposed to? Thanks!

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    • Hi Victoria! Yes, you should have. Maybe check your spam folder? I do see your registration on our end and we will send out the link to access the webinar to the email address you used to register by noon ET on the day of.

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  3. Ok, I have registered AGAIN, and this time I think the receipt uploaded. Hope it works this time.

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    • Hi Susan, apologies for the delay, I was out of town last week without internet. Did you register under a different last name, by chance? Just wanted to confirm that I see you in here!

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  4. Hello, I am looking forward to this webinar and donated but didn’t have a way to show proof with my camera or a file. I have the receipt number if you need it. Apologies!

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    • Hi Lori, I’m not seeing your registration yet, did you get a confirmation when you registered? Could you please send a screen shot of the receipt to brendadrakecontests@gmail.com? Thank you!

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  5. Will those of us that register but can’t attend the live webinar have access to it (or materials) afterword?

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    • Yes, a recording will be sent to all who register within a week of the webinar.

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  6. I cannot make that time. Can I watch the webinar after it is recorded?

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    • Hi Amy, yes, anyone who registers will receive the recording of the webinar. Thanks!

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  7. Where is the live event taking place? I registered last-minute, so there may have been an emailed link that I’m missing.

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