PW #371: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy (ownvoices): THE BLACK VEINS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Katherine Webber
Mentee Name: Ashia Monet
Category/Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy (ownvoices)
Word Count: 97,000


When a criminal sorcerer kidnaps her family, Blythe Fulton embarks on a supernatural road-trip across the US to gather the Guardians, a temperamental group of magic-wielding teens just like her. Blythe needs the Guardians’ cooperation to save her family, but every step towards her family’s rescue brings the Guardians closer to their own demise. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS meets The Amazing Race with a diverse ensemble cast.


The melody started at midnight.

A hint of a piano mixed with a violin’s slow drones. Harp strings plucked a lazy tempo, drawling like the end of a hot summer day.

The melody swept across the world. It wound through forests, tumbled over deserts, plunged to the depths of the sea. Most people who heard the music barely realized they’d heard anything at all. They caught a snippet or two, enough for them to ask someone else if they’d heard something.

Others knew they heard a melody. They were the ones who harbored secrets in their lives and in their veins. They searched for the source, but they never found it. Nobody did.

And then there were a few people who had an entirely different reaction.

Blythe Fulton was asleep when the song entered her dreams, dancing through one ear and threading out the other. It was a lovely tune, but something about it made her stomach clench with dread. Consciousness returned to her mind but the darkness in front of her eyes remained. So did the music. Blythe tried to open her eyes, tried to move. But her body stayed still.

Then came a voice. Blythe didn’t hear it, she felt it. The words hummed inside her soul and spread through her veins, melting in time with her heartbeat. Get up, the voice said. And go to the roof.


Author: Heather Cashman

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, the lab reports always lacked the fantastical element Heather's imagination demands. Hypotheses turned into taglines and novels, so she's going back to college for a Creative Writing degree. Her novels range from Epic Fantasy to Contemporary Speculative Fiction, she dabbles in picture books, and is currently seeking representation. ~Member SCBWI

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  1. This sounds like American Gods meets Iron Druid for teens and I’m all about it. Please send the full.

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  2. The premise alone has me wanting to keep reading here! Please send your full manuscript to as a Word attachment, along with your query and a synopsis (if available) with “PITCH WARS: THE BLACK VEINS” in the subject of your email. Thanks!

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  3. Hi! I’d love to take a closer look at your work. Please send your query letter in the body of an email and attach the full manuscript as a word or pdf doc. You can reach me at lgarrison (at) thegernertco (dot) com. Thank you!

    ~Logan Garrison Savits
    The Gernert Company

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  4. Ooh, this is really intriguing! Could I see the full, please, as a PDF, sent to lana@chalbergussman along with the query and “Pitch Wars” in the subject line? Thanks so much!

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  5. Some lovely writing here – I’d love to read more! Please send the full manuscript as a Word document with “YA: (title)” as the subject line to amy (at) aplusbworks (dot) com. Thank you!

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  6. I’d love to read! Please feel free to send the query + full manuscript (as a word doc) to w/PitchWars in the subject line. Thank you!

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