After the Wars – Twitter Pitch Party Today!

After the Wars – Twitter Pitch Party Today!


See the official #PitMad page here.


This year we saw so many amazing manuscripts, and we want to give you all a chance to be seen by the agents! If you didn’t make it into Pitch Wars, or if you didn’t enter and just want to pitch, there’s a twitter pitch party on the Twitter hashtag #PitMad today, September 8th, from 8AM to 8PM EDT.

Get your twitter pitches ready and make sure to include all the appropriate hashtags, especially #PitMad, in your 140 character tweet-pitch.


Be polite and don’t say anything mean about a writer’s pitch. Please, don’t “like” or re-tweet any pitches. That’s only for agents. If you want to show support, reply with a comment.
Any genre can be pitched. Pitch up to three times per day, per manuscript. It helps to pitch when you see an agent on the hashtag (throughout the day for a better response). Add #YA, #MG, #NA, #A, or #PB in your pitch to help the agents find the ones they represent. For more detail with your hashtags, see all of the hashtags here!
If your tweet is “liked” (or hearted) by an agent, please confirm they are a legitimate agent, search the agent’s feed, and see what the agent would like #PitMad participants to send them. Then send the requested materials.

For added fun, get some popcorn and scroll through the #fakepitmad pitches.




Author: Heather Cashman

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, the lab reports always lacked the fantastical element Heather's imagination demands. Hypotheses turned into taglines and novels, so she's going back to college for a Creative Writing degree. Her novels range from Epic Fantasy to Contemporary Speculative Fiction, she dabbles in picture books, and is currently seeking representation. ~Member SCBWI

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  1. What is the difference between an agent/editor liking your #pitmad post/blurb and hearting it? is it the same?Does that mean to submit a proposal or whatever to them.? So new to the Twitter thing. thanks for any info. 🙂

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    • No difference. A heart is a like. So if you had an agent or editor “like” or “heart” your tweet, then make sure and submit to them with #PitMad in the subject line and the tweet as part of the query. Good luck in #PitMad!

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  2. Comment Same-what Christine said!

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  3. Heather

    The agent liked my pitch, do I go to their website and submit? They did not ask for any information etc.

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    • Go to their website, find their submission info, and follow it. Add #PitMad in the subject line and include the tweet at the beginning of the query. Congratulations!

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