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Helene Dunbar

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Helene Dunbar is the author of THESE GENTLE WOUNDS (Flux, 2014), WHAT REMAINS (Flux, 2015) and BOOMERANG (coming from Sky Pony in 2017). Over the years, she’s worked as a drama critic, journalist, and marketing manager, and has written on topics as diverse as Irish music, court cases, theater, and Native American Indian tribes. She lives in Nashville with her husband and daughter and exists on a steady diet of readers’ tears.


These Gentle Wounds

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Sometimes I wish I’d lost a leg or something. Everyone can understand that. They never get it when what’s been broken is inside your head.

Five years after an unspeakable tragedy that changed him forever, Gordie Allen has made a new home with his half-brother Kevin. Their arrangement works since Kevin is the only person who can protect Gordie at school and keep him focused on getting his life back on track.

But just when it seems like things are becoming normal, Gordie’s biological father comes back into the picture, demanding a place in his life. Now there’s nothing to stop Gordie from falling into a tailspin that could cost him everything–including his relationship with Sarah, the first girl he’s trusted with the truth. With his world spinning out of control, the only one who can help Gordie is himself . . . if he can find the strength to confront the past and take back his future.


Winner receives a copy of These Gentle Wounds.

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Author: Heather Cashman

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, the lab reports always lacked the fantastical element Heather's imagination demands. Hypotheses turned into taglines and novels, so she's going back to college for a Creative Writing degree. Her novels range from Epic Fantasy to Contemporary Speculative Fiction, she dabbles in picture books, and is currently seeking representation. ~Member SCBWI

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  1. I am drawn in by everything I have read so far. This should be a Lifetime movie.

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  2. The cover drew me in immediately. It says so much without words! I love the conflict this boy and his family face and want to know how it plays out.

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  3. It’s pulling at my heart already. Can’t wait to read it. I’ll be in Nashville in October recording an EP would love to get you to sign the book!!!

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    • Awesome!!! DM me on FB. Would be more than happy to. Also, if you miss me for some reason, our local Indie, Parnassus, has signed copies of both my books.

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful story. Can’t wait to read it! And I agree with a previous commenter, the cover is stunning!

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  5. I really enjoyed What Remains so I would love to read another one of your stories.

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  6. I hope to win this book so I can donate more tears for Helene’s diet :’D

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  7. Not sure if this is still open, but would love to win a copy of this book. I’m currently reading What remains and loving it.

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  8. The cover and title are really engaging. The title especially made me want to read more.

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  9. Oooo! I’d love to read more!

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  10. Oooh that sounds like such a great story! I’m always amazed at the things that people think of to write about!

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  11. I just know I’m going to cry. But I want to cry as I read, leaving me with gentle wounds that will remain long after I finish.

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