PW #205: YA Historical: THE MESSENGER

Pitchwars Badge (Square YA)Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Rosalyn Eves
Mentee Name: Anna Carew-Miller
Category: YA
Genre: Historical
Word Count: 67,000


Sheltered by privilege, damaged by tragedy, Edie Fielding is no secret agent. Delving into her mother’s failed suicide when she arrives in Africa in 1965, she uncovers instead Cold War spy games. Edie can drift through her safe expat world or risk her life to finish her mother’s mission, delivering a message that could change a revolution. Isak Dinesen meets Code Name Verity.



For someone who could be the center of the universe, Vivian sure knew how to disappear.

I opened the wide French doors to the terrace, looking looking looking. Like I could ever find her.

A feeble breeze moved my nightgown against my ankles, and I could see the city below. Red tile roofs, the cubes of modern high rises, and the other hills of Kampala, green and rippling in the heat.

Mother, mére, mama. You couldn’t call her Vivian to her face. Couldn’t think of her as Mother.

So weird, that Vivian had lived here, a million miles from everything, in Africa. Just packed up and flew across the ocean to Uganda last September. She and Art, my stepfather, left almost everything behind.

I don’t know why I looked for her. She wasn’t here.

My bare feet moved through the empty rooms. Quiet. Just my whispered footsteps and the ticking clock. Art must’ve gone to work at the Embassy. Miriam, their housekeeper, was gone, too, but she left a note in the dining room. Went to the market. Be back soon.

This was my chance. To find out why, why Vivian had done it. So I took it. Searched every room, opened every drawer, my hand shaking as I fingered every bottle in the medicine cabinet. Aspirin tablets. The obnoxious pink Pepto Bismal. Vivian’s chloroquine pills, to prevent malaria. But it wasn’t malaria that sent her home.



Author: Nikki Roberti

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  1. This sounds right up my alley! Please send the first 50 pages to query”at”, with “Pitch Wars” in the subject line. Thanks!

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  2. This sounds fantastic! Please send the full ms as an attachment to query(at) and include “Pitch Wars Request for Jackie” in the subject line. Thank you!

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  3. Africa, Cold War spies, a mother mystery–you’ve hooked me in every respect! I would love to see the full ms as a PDF, please, to with Pitch Wars and the title in the subject line.

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  4. This sounds superb! Please send me the full manuscript in a Word document to I’m so looking forward to reading.

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  5. I’d like to see more! Please send a query + the full MS to leon@lperkinsagency (with Pitch Wars in the subject line), along with a one-sentence description of your book.

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  6. I’d love to read this (alongside Jackie here at New Leaf)! I will get it from the query inbox — no need to resend — but excited to read!

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  7. Not to pile on, but I’d very, very happily take a look at this! I’d love if you would send to Thanks! And congrats on all the responses!

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  8. What a wonderful scene! I’d love to read more. Please email me your query with “Pitch Wars Request” included in the subject line and the first 50 pages attached as a word doc. Looking forward to it!

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  9. I’d love to read more of this! Please send the first 50 pages attached as a word document to:



    Rena Rossner

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  10. I’d like to read more! Please send the first 100 pages in Word format and a query letter to, and include “Stefanie Lieberman” in the subject line of the email. Thank you!

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  11. I’d really love to read more. Please send me the query, synopsis and full manuscript in a word doc to furyqueries(at)thebentagency(dot)com
    Include #pitchwars: (Title) in the subject line.

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  12. Sounds really intriguing! Please send the first 50 pages, query and synopsis to chquery[at]mcintoshandotis[dot]com and put “Pitch Wars request” in the subject line.


    Christa Heschke
    McIntosh & Otis, Inc.

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