Pitch Wars … the mentors’ picks!!!

PitchWars Snowball

Well, it’s been a week of swimming in applications, Gmail headaches, and making connections with new friends and your mentors have finally chosen their mentees and alternates. Below you will find the golden Pitch Wars list of teams.  But, wait! It’s never a contest until you throw in a surprise, right?




If you didn’t make on the below list, we have six awesome Ninja Elf Mentors jumping into the slush and choosing a writer and two alternates each to mentor. AHHHH!


Their picks will be announced tomorrow morning at 8AM EST. And here are your Ninja Elves in alphabetical order by first names …



Amy Reichert




Eden P

Eden Plantz





Karma Brown




Rae Chang




Renee Ahdieh





Steph Funk



Show them some love and follow them everywhere!


And we have prizes for our top teams from our sponsor!




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And here are your mentors picks!!


Team Brent (MG)

– Mentee: The Mask-Maker’s Apprentice by Rachel Moser-Hardy

– 1st Alternate: Following Infinity by Tom Mulroy

– 2nd Alternate: Darcy Darkling and the Forgotten City by Stacey Trombley


Team Cora (YA/NA)           

– Mentee: Groundfall by Megan Just

– 1st Alternate:Inner Flame by Kelly Johnson

– 2nd Alternate: Healing the Bayou by Mary Bernsen


Team Dannie (YA/NA)        

– Mentee: Gaslights in Vaudeville by Sonia Hartl

– 1st Alternate:Through the Walled City by Alexandra Alessandri

– 2nd Alternate: Backlash by Christy Little


Team Diana (YA/NA)          

– Mentee: Harp of Bone by Neely Stansell-Simpson

– 1st Alternate:Just Act Normal by Goldy Moldavsky

– 2nd Alternate: Fierce by L.G. Kelso


Team Elizabeth Briggs (YA)          

– Mentee: Heart of Sparks by Audrey Coulthurst

– 1st Alternate:Limitless by Heather Kaczynski Morris

– 2nd Alternate: Envision by Erin Funk


Team Elizabeth Penney (A)

– Mentee: Wishing Glass by Heidi Timmons

– 1st Alternate:The Wanters by Emma Sloley

– 2nd Alternate: You’ll Be Thinking of Me by Densie Webb


Team Erica (YA)

– Mentee: Eternal by Leah and Kate Rooper

– 1st Alternate:Case in Point by Kimberly Ann Miller

– 2nd Alternate: Throne Hack by Jon Athmann


Team Evelyn (YA)   

– Mentee: Between Broken Ends by Emily Martin

– 1st Alternate: Fast Girl by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

– 2nd Alternate: The Last Letterboxes by Regina Garvie


Team Fiona (YA)     

– Mentee: Merlin’s Flight by Jordan Teos

– 1st Alternate: If Skyscrapers Had Secrets by Rachel Horwitz

– 2nd Alternate: The Drama Queen Who Cried Wolf by Jocelyn Rish


Team Gail (MG)       

– Mentee: Sticks and Stones by Abby Cooper

– 1st Alternate: Mimi Lost and Found by Pat Martinez

– 2nd Alternate: The Invisible Girl by Amy Kinzer


Team Heather (A)    

– Mentee: Learn Away the Indian by Amanda Skenandore

– 1st Alternate: The Death Clock by Dayspring MacLeod

– 2nd Alternate: Cut from the Earth by Stephanie Renée dos Santos


Team Jen Downey (MG)     

– Mentee: Lang Sawyer and the Den of Nostromo by Glenn McCarty

– 1st Alternate: The Mage Wars by Meredith Mansfield

– 2nd Alternate: Secret of the Saint by Megan Basham


Team Jennifer Malone (MG)          

– Mentee: Lucky Me! by Erin Elisabeth Conley

– 1st Alternate: Quincy Strange and the Ten by Heidi Boyd

– 2nd Alternate: The Secret at Spindrift by Chris Bailey


Team Jaye (YA)

– Mentee: Hurricane Daughter by Nina Moreno

– 1st Alternate: Celerity by Sarah Cannon

– 2nd Alternate: Discordance by Chelsey Blair


Team Jessie (YA)     

– Mentee: Only In My Dreams by Andy Hertzenberg

– 1st Alternate: Fighting Chance by Amy Trueblood

– 2nd Alternate: Unauthorized by Becky Wilson


Team Joy (MG)

– Mentee: The Last Fifth Grade Class of Emerson Elementary by Laura Shovan

– 1st Alternate: Rise and Fall of a Hallway Superhero by Davy DeGreeff

– 2nd Alternate: Nanny Morto by Lyudmyla Mayorska


Team Julie (NA/A)   

– Mentee: Queen of Shards by CB Whitney

– 1st Alternate: McTavish by Ryan Glover

– 2nd Alternate: Gyre by Jessica Harvey


Team Lindsay Currie (YA) 

– Mentee: Kit Dawson by Kes Trester

– 1st Alternate: Gemini Crush by Laura Felicetti

– 2nd Alternate: Captive by Lauren Spieller


Team Lindsey Sprague (YA)          

– Mentee: Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner

– 1st Alternate: Starry Starry Night by Abigail Johnson

– 2nd Alternate: Afterthought by Lora Beth Johnson


Team Laura (YA)    

– Mentee: The Northern Gash by Kerbie Addis

– 1st Alternate: Mad World by Mark O’Brien

– 2nd Alternate: Pox by Linsey Miller


Team Lioness (NA/A)          

– Mentee: Through the Storm by Cori Bair (writing as Marie Meyer)

– 1st Alternate: The Shifting Darkness by Sarah L. Blair

– 2nd Alternate: Forever Yours by Anna Rains


Team Lori (YA)

– Mentee: Fast Girl by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

– 1st Alternate: Through a Glass Darkly by Kimberly VanderHorst

– 2nd Alternate: What You Find When You Wake Up by Laurie McElderry


Team Marieke (MG)

– Mentee: My Seventh Grade Life in Tights by Brooks Benjamin

– 1st Alternate: The Vanishings by Genetta Adair

– 2nd Alternate: Alex de Vega and Pandora’s Box by Patrice Caldwell


Team Megan (YA)

– Mentee: Hunter High by Tara Harte

– 1st Alternate: The Blood Train by Megan Grimit

– 2nd Alternate: Stop Motion by Ann Foster


Team Meredith (YA)                          

– Mentee: Where Devils Breed by Adrianna Cabello

– 1st Alternate: All That Remains by Sarah Ahiers

– 2nd Alternate: The Desert Wall by Nicole Lisa


Team Michelle (YA)

– Mentee: Aurora by Ashley DeYoung

– 1st Alternate: Sincerely Yours, The Villain by Diana Sousa

– 2nd Alternate: Prime by Colleen Hampton


Team Mina (NA/A)

– Mentee: The Master’s Haiku by Kristin Reynolds

– 1st Alternate: Choose Your Own Apocalypse by Samantha Bohrman

– 2nd Alternate: Eluding Illusions by Janet Wrenn



Team Molly (YA)

– Mentee: The Scales On Our Eyes by Felicia Anderson

– 1st Alternate: Crossing Brielle by Jamie Corrigan

– 2nd Alternate: Crossing Fire by Samantha Joyce


Team Monica (YA)

– Mentee: Scapegoat by Rachel Coleman

– 1st Alternate: Starry, Starry Night by Abigail Johnson

– 2nd Alternate: The Swifts by Eliza West


Team Naomi (MG)   

– Mentee: Howard Wallace, PI by Casey Lyall

– 1st Alternate: Tunnels and Traitors by Amy Moellering

– 2nd Alternate: The Trouble with Frogs by Nicole Mogavero


Team Natalie (YA)

– Mentee: Blossom Hill by Alison Green Myers

– 1st Alternate: Elegy by Julie Dao

– 2nd Alternate: Wishing by Jerilyn Patterson


Team Nazarea (NA/A)

– Mentee: Crossover by Emmy Neal

– 1st Alternate: Sweet Nothing by Porsche Moore

– 2nd Alternate: The Lightning City by Heather Lynn


Team Rin (YA)

– Mentee: The Steamsmith by Josh Hlibichuk

– 1st Alternate: If I Promise You the Sun by Heather Davis

– 2nd Alternate: Sign of the Star by Laura Sheana Taylor


Team Sarah Henning (A)    

– Mentee: The Fisherman by Dan Malossi

– 1st Alternate: The Piano Fire by Wendy Nikel

– 2nd Alternate: The Gardens of Sunray by Jeremy Hepler


Team Sarah Nicolas (YA/NA)        

– Mentee: Amped by Amanda Klase

– 1st Alternate: Coming Alive by Jennifer Norwood

– 2nd Alternate: Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce


Team S.P. (YA)

– Mentee: Confession by Jaklyn Szabo

– 1st Alternate: Blessing Beneath by Jessica Albon

– 2nd Alternate: Captive by Lauren Spieller



Team Shannon (MG)           

– Mentee: Professor Plutonium by Jeff Chen

– 1st Alternate: The Transformation Project by Carmen Erickson

– 2nd Alternate: Ghost Farm by Wendy Parris


Team Shelley (YA/NA/A)

– Mentee: Something to Prove by April Schwartz (writing as Violet Henry)

– 1st Alternate: Twist of Fate by Martha Mayberry

– 2nd Alternate: The Lady Caller by Wendy Qualls


Team Skylar (YA/NA)

– Mentee: Double Minded by Robin Hammer

– 1st Alternate: Emerge by Tobie Easton

– 2nd Alternate: Dreamwalker by Leatrice McKinney


Team Stacey (YA/NA)

– Mentee: The Sea Wolves by Bethany Smith

– 1st Alternate: Willow Born by Shanna Miles

– 2nd Alternate: Bryn of Nannedar by Becky Lees


Team Stephanie (YA)          

– Mentee: In the Midst of Monsters by Kate Bucklein

– 1st Alternate: Elegy by Julie Dao

– 2nd Alternate: Strange Attractors by Melody Marshall


Team Susan (A)

– Mentee: Stealing the Sun by Derek Chivers

– 1st Alternate: Ice Flowers in Winter by Aimie Kathleen Runyan

– 2nd Alternate: Three Card Monty by Ellis Callen


Team Tina (NA/A)   

– Mentee: Passion of the Duke by Nancy Goodman

– 1st Alternate: A Breath of Silver by Cheyenne Campbell

– 2nd Alternate: Enthralled by Luisa Perkins


Team Trisha (YA/NA)

– Mentee: The Barrens by Erika David

– 1st Alternate: Gilded Fever by Cuyler Creech

– 2nd Alternate: Chance by Carol Blakely and Megan Herman and Captive by Jennifer Walsh


Team Veronica Bartles (MG)

– Mentee: Super Jake, Not-So-Super-Freddy, and Me, The King of Chaos by Naomi Milliner

– 1st Alternate: Riding on Shoulders by Khyl Shumway

– 2nd Alternate: Miracle Meggie by Toni De Palma



Team Veronica Park (NA)

– Mentee: Secrets I Keep by Kelley Harvey

– 1st Alternate: What Carries the Day by Melissa Flandreau

– 2nd Alternate: Running with Needles by Katie Bono


Go thank all the mentors on their sites and follow them on Twitter and all!

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  1. Thanks so much to Brenda and all the mentors!

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  2. Thank you for all the hard work everyone’s put into this! Congratulations to all the mentees!

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  3. All you mentors and, of course, Brenda and Rae are so amazing for putting all this time into helping us newbies move forward in our writing. You guys are truly the best.

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  4. Congrats to the mentees that were chosen! Eek!!! What a great surprize!Since I wasn’t chosen by the first round, I have to ask… is there any rhyme or reason to the way the ninja six are choosing their mentees?

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  5. You, Rae, and all the mentors are so absolutely wonderful for putting so much time and effort into this and everything else you do to support aspiring authors. Seriously so appreciated. Thank you SO much! <3 <3

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  6. Congratulations! And also big YOU ROCK to all who entered! The pool of pitches was really amazing this year. Honored and humbled to get to read your work!

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  7. It is impossible for us to even begin to comprehend what goes on behind the scenes of a massive endeavor like this. But what little I understand I FERVENTLY appreciate. You’re one of the best people I’ve never met Brenda. So grateful for the beautiful community you’ve created through your contests and Twitter interactions. I’ve participated in contests on other sites but honestly don’t feel the need to bother with them anymore. All my uplifting, encouraging, and growing moments have happened HERE. Thank you so much!

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  8. A HUGE thanks to Brenda and team and all the mentors for their enormous generosity of time, experience, wisdom, and humor. You guys all ROCK!!!!

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  9. What an endeavor this is! Thanks Brenda, for hosting and I really appreciate receiving feedback from Fiona, Dannie, and Trisha. It was nice to hear comments and receive constructive criticism about my writing, even if my story wasn’t one of the ones selected. 🙂

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  10. Thanks so much Brenda and the fabulous team of mentors for taking the time to support new writers in this way. Best of luck to all teams and Happy Holidays!

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  11. Hey there. I found your blog working with live messenger. This can be a truly well written document. We will be guaranteed to take note of the idea and are available here we are at learn more within your helpful data. Just article. Let me absolutely return.

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